Having performed extensively in choirs and ensembles for a number of years, Olivia knows first hand the benefits and positive impact of group music-making and is now also a passionate choral conductor. Olivia particularly enjoys working with community choirs encouraging well-being and social integration for communities through music.

Olivia is thrilled to have now been appointed as the new Choral Director of the choir of Fortnum & Mason.

Conducting her college’s community choir at university, Olivia gained experience in leading and planning rehearsals, teaching the music to the group, arranging music, leading workshops, encouraging participation and adapting to the needs of the group.

During her studies, Olivia also took a community music project with Bruce Cole, with which she completed a placement with a community choir in her home town.

Having worked in various different vocal styles alongside her classical singing, including musical theatre and as the singer in a jazz band, Olivia has knowledge of a broad range of repertoire which she draws upon when working with different groups. She prides herself on creating an enjoyable music-making environment, exploring a variety of repertoire and encouraging others to build on a range of skills through music.